Captain James W. Hudgens

 Logistics Professional / Vessel Master / Mate-Pilot of Towing


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About the Captain

Captain, DJ, Club Promoter, Scuba Instructor, Diver, UW Videographer, Photographer, Computer Technician and Web Designer. That was the last 20+ years.

In my past life I was a System's Analyst and Lab Supervisor for Getty Oil / Texaco / Cheveron, Reprographics and Darkroom technician and a minister.
Since retiring in Colorado circa 2013, I even spent 4 years sitting as a City Council member here in Walsenburg, Colorado from 2017 thru 2021.

It has been an interesting 69 years.

I am a man of faith and person of principled values.

My present taste in music is mostly electronic dance music (EDM). My library covers over 45 years of my personal favorites from Moody Blues to Black Sabbath.

Contradictions? Maybe we should have coffee to "talk story" as is said in Hawaii.

A picture booklet I wrote is here.

Another book I'm working on is here. I hope to get back on this project at some point.

My Motto remains the same ...

Trust God, Clean House and Help Others

when my technology outruns my spirit it is time to slow down ... from a journal of mine circa 1998

Happy Birthday

Sometimes I Fish ...

This shot was taken by my High School friend and running buddy Prof. Richard Smith.

The occasion for the fishing trip was my 50th birthday.

I will be 60 this year, oh my.