Offshore Tugs

Here is a shot of a Rowen Drilling Rig in tow, there are actually four tugs moving the rig. These tow boats have higher bulwarks for working offshore.

Workboat - OSV

Typical 150' plus class workboat with "North Sea Stacks", the high smoke stacks behind the wheelhouse. Their formal name is "Offshore Supply Vessel" or OSV.

Workboat or OSV

The newer class workboats with "DP" , Dynamic Positioning, larger decks and fluid capacity. This vessel has short, "Gulf Stacks", located aft in the cargo area. Another type of OSV.

Crew/Supply boat

These are the newer class crew boats, often carrying bulk fluids. 160' plus and fast. Carries crews and supplies. This particular vessel has a bow thruster and large cabin for crews (probably 50 + passengers).

Crew Boat

This is the older class crew boats with a small back deck and usually less than 100' in length. The work horse for many years.

Crew Boat

110' class vessel with more deck capacity. Still many in service carrying crews and supplies, tools to rigs and platforms. Gradually being replaced with 130'-150' class vessels.

Utility Boat

Commonly called a stand by or field boat. Usually working production fields bringing water, fuel and supplies to the production field platforms.

Shrimp Trawler

Typical trawler working the Gulf of Mexico. They come in various sizes and rigging configurations. Easily spotted at night by the bright back deck lights.

Shrimp Trawler

Another trawler, a newer wheel house design. These are called freezer boats because they make ice. Some older and smaller vessels have to pack their own ice.

Jack Up Boat

Here is a shot of a jack up boat on location in Florida. When these boats get on location they "jack" the legs down and lift the boat up to the desired working height.